BREW GUIDE: Rosa Blanca // Colombia

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As with any of our coffee recipes, this is only a guide! In a cafe, coffee recipes should be checked and adjusted at least once per day.

You might like to brew or taste your coffee differently than us - this is great! Our hope is to bring you joy through coffee - if your life is better when using a different recipe, by all means go ahead 😇


32g coffee, 480g brew weight (1:15 ratio). 4:00 minutes @95 degrees, 19% yield

Brewed correctly, this coffee is sticky and frothy with a bunch of murky flavours blurred together: sweet orange moving into a funky brewed aftertaste. Under extracted will be just orange, without the funk. When over extracted, the fruit will be drowned out and replaced by empty heaviness.

Note: Our filter profile for this coffee is slightly more developed than others - to show off it's funk. As such, it extracts more easily: grind coarser, brew faster.