BREW GUIDE: Frinsa Estate // Indonesia

 You've found one of our brewing guides! Here are recipes we enjoy using with our second Kindness Cup. 

As with any of our coffee recipes, this is only a guide! In a cafe, coffee recipes should be checked and adjusted at least once daily.

You might like to brew or taste your coffee differently than us - this is great! Our hope is to bring you joy through coffee - if your life is better when using a different recipe, by all means go ahead 😇

Here are the recipes:


20g coffee, 60g brew weight (1:3 ratio). 32 seconds @92°. 18.5% yield

The first flavour of this coffee should be a sharp, clean peach, almost like iced tea - accompanied by a heavy undercurrent of herbs and plum. If overextracted, the sparkle goes away, leaving only a  heavy bitterness. Underextracted, this coffee will be watery & thin (especially with this 1:3 ratio) - still with a bit of peach - but not enough to satisfy 😉

I think many would say that our espresso roast for this coffee is light. That said, it's roasted a bit darker for espresso than our previous coffees. This coffee shines in it's complexity, and a bit of extra development helps bring out the full menu of flavors. As always, be sure to extract enough from the coffee so that sweetness and acidity are balanced. Don't be afraid to grind finer, brew for longer, or use more water. Happy brewing! 🥳