BREW GUIDE: Kindness Cup #2 // Chelchele // Ethiopia

You've found one of our brewing guides! Here are recipes we enjoy using with our second Kindness Cup. 

As with any of our coffee recipes, this is only a guide! In a cafe, coffee recipes should be checked and adjusted at least once daily.

You might like to brew or taste your coffee differently than us - this is great! Our hope is to bring you joy through coffee - if your life is better when using a different recipe, by all means go ahead 😇

Here are the recipes:

(makes 2 cups)

32g coffee, 480g water (1:15 ratio) @ 93 degrees
6:00 total brewing time, ~18.5% extraction yield

With this coffee we needed longer brewing times than usual to get the right yield. Properly extracted, this brew should fill your mouth with lavender, lemongrass & milk chocolate. It should be clean, subtle & balanced. if it tastes faint & underwhelming, extract more. If it tastes heavy, like eating raw leaves, extract less.


18g coffee, 45g brew weight (1:2.5 ratio). 35 seconds @92°. 18.5% yield

This coffee should be be gentle and balanced, with a bright, grassy acidity sitting atop smooth chocolate. a prickly tart sensation at the sides of your mouth is an indication to extract more - and a thick, flat, overbearing brew without any sparkle means extracting less.

This coffee isn't quite as bright as our last kindness cup .. but we are still guilty of enjoying our espresso beans roasted light. The key here is to extract enough from the coffee so that there is sweetness to balance the acidity. Don't be afraid to grind finer, brew for longer, or use more water. Happy brewing! 🥳